Sunday, November 26, 2006

construction zone

Is it me or is there an exorbitant amount of construction and renovations happening everywhere?
especially in my neighbourhood.
It seems as though every other house has one of those huge metal industrial garbage bins on their front lawn.
We moved to this neighbourhood three years ago because of the huge old trees, charming older homes & quiet streets.
But now it's reno central.
Seems like everyone has dough to blow and needs more space, and a bigger house.
True, I'm not sure how they did it years ago with bigger families and more kids in these old Victorian houses with 3 bedrooms, next to no closet space and unfinished basements.
Mind you, people didn't have a quarter of the things that we have today.
1 winter coat-check
1 hat-check
1 Sunday (or Saturday pending on your religion) dress- check
1 pair of shoes-check
The generations before us didn't exactly need custom California closets like we do today.
Oh I wish I had a custom California closet with beautifully crafted custom drawers...ahh.
Everyone "needs" that right?
So I'll have to settle for the Ikea equivalent.
My point is I guess we need (or think we need) bigger houses to house all our "things."
It's not like we are having big families anymore.
And besides the size of all that cute pottery barn for kids furniture is so space consuming..
The construction IS pretty annoying though.
Noise and power tools first thing EVERY morning.
The mud and dust everywhere.
I don't even bother washing my car anymore.
The trades cars and trucks taking up all the parking on the street.
That stupid snack truck that blares it's damn horn just as I get lulu down for a nap.
Lulu however looooves looking at the tractors and finds them highly entertaining.
and in the end, eventually it's all about improving the neighbourhood, and hell upping the value of all the other houses.
Including ours.
Bigger bonus is when the guys working on all the renos are kind of cute and actually look at you when you are walking by with a baby stroller.
It actually makes you feel like you aren't some invisible "mom" and kinda sassy.
I would be lying if I said I didn't suck in my gut a bit every time I walk by the boys with the power tools.
Hmm..Maybe I'll get Big Daddy a tool belt and a new power drill for chrismukah...


metro mama said...

We had trades in and out of our house for months. It wasn't all bad.

crazymumma said...

nothing at lall wrong with a man wearing a lowslung toolbelt. Nothing at all.

Anonymous said...

ahhh love the toolbelt. tho i still cringe whenever i see a dumpster and contractor's truck arrive on our street...

Mrs. Chicky said...

We just finished up some major landscaping today. For the past year, on and off, we've had huge trucks and power equipment in front of, and sometimes on, my yard. Quite annoying. But like Lulu, Chicky loves the trucks and the different men running to and fro. She even learned how to sleep through all the construction noise!

kittenpie said...

i totally noticed it was like reno year around here too! Of course regular visits from "Scoop" and "
Dizzy" are a real hit with our little builder-holic, so it's all good.