Tuesday, November 14, 2006

mmmm cookies

well it's official, Lulu likes chocolate.
That's my girl.
Her first taste was a chocolate mint girl guide cookie.
What was I going to do? say no and slam the door in the little pixies face?
had to get a box or two...
Anyhow she washed it down with some nice cold milk.
I was waiting for some sort of reaction, like a big sugar rush.
but nothing happened, she just smiled at me and said "coookie.mmm..."
not much else to say on this subject, other than how fun it is to watch her experience so many "firsts" these days.
Especially when it comes to tastes and textures.
Though when we asked her what her favourite food was the other day she said "eas & ahm"
Peas & Ham.
I guess Dr. Seuss is paying off afterall.


myredwagon said...

too cute...she's a doll

Gracie's great aunt just gave her a lick of spice bar icing - so much for the peas and ham now!

sunshine scribe said...

So cute. And a fellow chocolate lover ... she's a girl after my own heart :)

penelopeto said...

thatta girl!

Lisa b said...

love her little tracksuit and really you are obliged to help out the girl guides.

kittenpie said...

Ah, what a little darling.
Hot chocolate is the official fave of choice around here. Any time you ask her what her favourite part was (no matter what we've been doing), the answer is "The Hot Chocolate Store!"

But then she's in love with everything this past week. ("I love green string!" absurd.)

Urban Mummy said...