Monday, November 20, 2006

sugar & spice

There's just something about stopping what your doing in the middle of the afternoon for a little snack break.
Most often I just grab a handful of almonds or have an sliced apple with a bit of cheese.
But lately I've been wanting something a bit more substantial.
A nice Tall non-fat soy latte..
or a warm homemade oatmeal and apricot cookie (from epi bakery)
or maybe even a little brioche bread pudding.
But I have a confession to make.
Over the past three months I joined Weight-Watchers On line.
for a foodie like me, this seemed unthinkable.
Yes. It's true. the petite-gourmand actually wants to be petite again..
But I was getting really tired of carrying around that last bit of baby fat baggage and I needed to take some drastic measures.
Today I have lost a total of 16 lbs. and am officially 7 lbs. lighter than before I had Lulu.
I would love to lose maybe another 5lbs or so and tone up, but for the most part I'm pretty thrilled.
Frankly it feels really good to be a size 4 again.
Food has always been my weakness.
I eat healthy stuff,
it's just the quantities and the extras like sweets (and bread pudding in the middle of the afternoon) that has been my downfall.
I am not a big proponent of diets.
But Weight-watchers allows me to eat all my own food,
I just have to give my foods a numeric point value and make sure I don't exceed that number each week.
For example a glass of wine is 2.5 points ( I have that one memorized)
For the past several months I have eaten out a fair bit, drank wine with many meals, indulged my sweet tooth and STILL lost weight.
I did pick up a few of the weight-watchers cook books and I was pretty surprised to find them to be really good.
Big daddy has even shed some weight.
Lulu on the other hand is actually underweight,
which I'm not so ecstatic about, she's only 21lbs at almost 19 months.
She has a really good appetite most days but doesn't like to eat a huge amount.
The pediatrician sais she's really healthy but is on the low end of the scale for weight, but on the high end for height.
Oh how I wish I had that problem...
But she's healthy and happy, that's all that really matters to me.
I enjoyed my piece of bread pudding last week,
but today is Monday and I'm back on my healthy wagon.
Because the holidays are just around the corner and I'm sure to be consuming many a glass of 2.5 pointers...


Franny said...

Good luck with the weightloss. I know I have a hard time shaking the weight because I love food...a little TOO much, if you know what I mean!

Don't forget that on bad days, you MUST indulge the sweet tooth, points or no points.

One day (when life is less stressful, when the kids are older, when I have more time, etc etc) I will get on that healthy wagon with you!

metro mama said...

I've found that chasing the toddler has allowed me to indulge in the 2.5 pointers. I've finally lost all my baby weight. It sure does feel good.

Gabriella said...

Congratulations on the weight loss! It is a hard thing to do, especially when there are so many good foods to choose from. I still have 20lb to lose, I may just try your weight watchers idea.
And my daughter too is the same, high end for height and low for weight!